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BS4/H04 Construction

  • Continue replacement of Aramingo Avenue bridge over Frankford Creek
  • Continue widening Aramingo Avenue between Church Road and Wheatsheaf Lane
  • Continue construction of the Adams Avenue Connector between Torresdale Avenue and Aramingo Avenue

Mainline Reconstruction in Late 2019 at the Bridge Street Interchange

Aug 26, 2019

Commuters will find a new work zone on I-95 by the end of 2019 at the northern end of the Bridge Street Interchange when construction begins this fall to rebuild the I-95 pavement between Levick Street and Carver Street, Section BS1.

In addition to rebuilding the existing eight lanes of I-95 pavement, this first mainline reconstruction project at the Bridge Street Interchange will replace the I-95 bridges over Van Kirk Street and Comly Street. Tacony Street in the vicinity of the interchange also
will be improved.

The first stage of work this fall will prepare the median and the southbound shoulder to create a six-lane traffic pattern on the west side of I-95. Following the shift of northbound traffic to the middle of the interstate in early 2020, work will get underway to rebuild the northbound lanes and bridges.

The pattern will reverse for southbound reconstruction in 2021. The entire BS1 project is expected to be completed late 2022.

Three lanes of traffic will be maintained on each side of I-95 during peak travel times, though an occasional off-peak lane closure may occur. Comly and Van Kirk streets will remain open to traffic during most of the work, but short-term closures will be in place at times during work on the I-95 overpasses. Tacony Street will be reduced to three lanes during I-95 construction in 2020.

The on and off-ramps at the interchange will remain open during construction, which will take about three years to complete.