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Aramingo, Adams Avenue Construction Update

Jul 05, 2018
Work continues on the replacement Aramingo Avenue bridge over the Frankford Creek at the I-95 Betsy Ross Bridge Interchange (BS4). The southbound side of the bridge is under construction through mid-2019, along with widening on the southbound side of Aramingo Avenue. Construction of the northbound half of the new bridge and widening on the northbound side is expected to start in late 2019.

The replacement span will be six lanes-wide with sidewalks to match the widening of Aramingo Avenue to six lanes between Church Street and the creek, including separate northbound left turn lanes to Church Street and the new Adams Avenue Connector.  The Connector - the reconstruction and extension of Adams Avenue from Torresdale Avenue to new intersection with Aramingo Avenue that is currently underway — is scheduled for opening by late 2020.

The Adams Avenue Connector also will connect with the new ramps to and from I-95 and the Betsy Ross Bridge that were built under a $160 million contract that finished in late 2017. The connections will be opened to traffic following completion of work on Aramingo Avenue (BS4) in 2021.

Included in the Connector construction are improvements to several blocks of Torresdale Avenue near its intersection with Adams Avenue. That intersection is being rebuilt, new water mains were installed in 2017, and new sidewalks will be built on the west side of Torresdale Avenue between Frankford Avenue and Womrath Street in 2018.  A section of the Frankford Creek Greenway multi-use trail also is being built adjacent to the Connector. 

Work on both Aramingo Avenue and Adams Avenue is being done as surface street improvements to enhance traffic flow to and from I-95 and the bridge in the vicinity of the I-95 Betsy Ross Bridge and Bridge Street interchanges.