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Surface Street Improvements at BRI

"This new approach to project planning and development expands the department's requirements for engaging local and planning partners by requiring collaboration with stakeholders before project scopes are developed. PennDOT Connects aims to transform capital and maintenance project development by ensuring that community collaboration happens early, and that each project is considered in a holistic way for opportunities to improve safety, mobility, access, and environment outcomes for all modes and local contexts." PennDOT Connects Policy Statement

Bicycle and pedestrian connections under and around I-95 are an important consideration in the reconstruction of I-95 at the Betsy Ross Bridge Interchange (BRI). The new Adams Avenue Connector, currently under construction between Torresdale and Aramingo avenues, includes a portion of the Frankford Creek Greenway multi-use trail.

As part of the BSR project, a trail gateway will be constructed at the new intersections of Adams and Aramingo avenues. PennDOT is looking to extend the pedestrian/bicycle connections to the K&T Trail along the Delaware River in later phases of the project. Potential areas for connection include Tacony Street, Bridge Street, and Aramingo Avenue.

During mainline reconstruction at Bridge Street (BS1), the new Comly Street and Van Kirk Street underpasses will have wide sidewalks, custom wall designs, and updated lighting to better allow the community to access areas east of I-95. Similar underpass enhancements have been completed under the Cottman Avenue and Girard Avenue projects.

Orthodox Street is a key connector between the Bridesburg neighborhood, the Delaware River, and the future Bridesburg Riverfront park. As designs progress for the BRI project, the community will help determine whether the new I-95 overpass is built on structure or on fill, which wall treatment option is preferred, and how the space underneath I-95 will be used (as is currently being done for the GIR projects). Bicycle and pedestrian connections to the future Bridesburg Riverfront Park and the Delaware Avenue Trail will also be considered.

Stay up-to-date and informed about proposals for sustainable improvements planned for I-95 reconstruction by subscribing to updates for any of the project areas.

The purpose of the Sustainable Action Committee (SAC) is to coordinate efforts between PennDOT, City agencies, non-profit organizations, and the communities to develop better, safer, and well-maintained spaces under and adjacent to I-95. Coordination will become more substantial as the project moves further into Final Design.


  • Assist communities in planning for future design needs of some highway-adjacent parcels (fencing, lighting, landscaping, uses, etc.);
  • Prepare landscape design for publicly accessible spaces, stormwater management areas, and embankments; and
  • Propose locations for street trees.


  • Assist communities in planning for future uses under structures (e.g., parking);
  • Solicit input for under-structure and neighborhood-facing wall patterns (“formliners”); and
  • Solicit input for potential under-structure aesthetic lighting needs, beyond safety lighting levels.

Under Consideration

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