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I-95 Section CPR (I-95/CPR)
Reconstruct I-95 between Levick Street and Bleigh Avenue, including reconstruction of the Cottman-Princeton Avenue Interchange.

Construction of Section CP1 is completed. The final section, CP2, remains under construction.

This phase included:

  • Construction of a new southbound on-ramp from State Road at Longshore Avenue;
  • Removal of the existing southbound on-ramp from Princeton Avenue;
  • Construction of a new northbound on-ramp spur from Milnor Street that will connect with the existing northbound on-ramp from Princeton Avenue;
  • Improve Princeton Avenue between Torresdale Avenue and State Road -- including traffic calming features and a bicycle lane -- and convert it into a two way road;.
  • In addition to repaving, Princeton Avenue improvements include the installation of traffic calming features (curb bump-outs) and a painted bicycle lane.
  • Widen and reconstruct Cottman Avenue to include one lane eastbound and two lanes westbound from State Road to Torresdale Avenue. Increase vertical clearance under the AMTRAK overpass to 14' 6";
  • Widen State Road to two lanes southbound, one lane northbound, between Cottman and Princeton avenues.

This phase includes:

  • Reconstruction of the I-95 pavement and seven (7) bridges between Bleigh Avenue and Levick Street;
  • Construction will consist of three (3) phases: Southbound, Median, then Northbound lanes;
  • Replace mainline bridges over: Bleigh Avenue; Northbound Off-ramp over Cottman Avenue; Northbound On-ramp over Princeton Avenue; New State Road; Longshore Avenue; Unruh Avenue;  Magee Avenue.
  • Construct a new southbound on-ramp from Cottman Avenue;
  • Widen and improve the southbound off-ramp at Bleigh Avenue;
  • Build 14 Retaining Walls adjacent to and supporting I-95;
  • Replace an 84” diameter Philadelphia Water Department water main on Wissinoming Street between Cottman and Princeton Avenues;
  • Replace a 126” diameter Philadelphia Water Department sewer culvert on Wissinoming Street between Cottman and Princeton Avenues;
  • ITS upgrades;
  • Reconstruct New State Road between Milnor Street and Princeton Avenue;
  • Extend Princeton Avenue as eastbound-only from Wissinoming Street to Milnor Street.

Construction of CP2 is expected to be completed in 2016.

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The Separate Projects

  • Cottman-Princeton Interchange (CPR)
  • Cottman Avenue to Bridge Street (BSR)
  • Bridge Street to Betsy Ross Bridge (BRI)
  • Betsy Ross Bridge to Girard Avenue (AFC)
  • Girard Avenue Interchange (GIR)
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